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Band Members



Bruce Boulanger - Guitars & Vocals

Bruce started originally on the drums and quickly changed to guitar to write music. After graduating from the Dick Grove school of music and playing in several popular Orange County groups Bruce, along with his friend Scott, gained some valuable road experience touring state-side and in Australia with recording artist Boz Scaggs. After the Boz tour Bruce hooked up with television entertainer John Davidson, performing at one time or another in nearly ever state in the U.S. When the opportunity to play music again with his long-time friends presented itself, he jumped at the chance. In addition to his collection of electric guitars, Bruce also plays a nylon string guitar and an electric mandolin , depending on song selection. Bruce is also a lead singer as well as a backup singer in the band. 

Mark Bustamante - Drums and Percussion 

Mark found himself very busy during his musical career,  playing, recording and touring professionally with a mix of local groups and recording acts throughout California, the Pacific Northwest, and Mid-West. Mark stepped away from the music business for several  years to raise a family. With the kids now grown, Mark is back pursuing his passion for drumming and is thoroughly enjoying playing with the original “Backbone” line up. 

Mark - Drums
Ron - Bass guitar  

Ron Denhaan - Bass & Vocals 

Born in Europe (Holland), Ron has lived on both the east and west coasts of the United States. Though starting off as a lead guitarist, Ron has been playing bass guitar over the years with a number of hard-rock, pop-rock, progressive-rock and jazz/horn groups. In 2008, Ron reunited with several of his band mates from the groups "Shade" and  "Lyra", as well as the  "SubsoniX", which includes all five of the original members of  the group, "Backbone".  Ron plays 4-string, 5-string, and fretless basses with the SubSoniX. 

Craig Riech - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals 

Singer-guitarist Craig Riech is our newest member and he often joins us when we are playing for listening audiences or when we are playing our softer "pop" material.  Craig can usually be found performing on weekends at Jimmies NASCAR bar and grill in Fullerton as a solo artist and with his own band. Craig currently performs each Thursday with the SubsoniX at The Cliff Restaurant in Laguna Beach, from 6 PM until 10 PM. 


Craig Riech


Guest Band Members

Scott Scott Plunkett - Keyboards and Vocals 

Scott was an original member of Backbone, but Orange County native Scott Plunkett might be considered a part-time member of SubnsoniX, as he is often touring and recording with singer/song writer Chris Issak. After turning professional, Scott played with a variety of local and professional bands and musicians including Boz Skaggs.  During his tour with Boz, Scott also wrote and played with local bands, did recording sessions, and co-wrote songs with Michael McDonald. Over the years, Scott has toured with Michael McDonald, Stevie Nicks and Don Henley. Scott has also acted as the musical director for Peter Cetera and Boz Scaggs.  When he’s not performing, Scott designs synthesizer sound patches for the Yamaha Corporation’s latest electronic instruments.

John Stolpp - Lead Vocals 

John was born in Vancouver, Canada, but raised in Orange County. John played just lead guitar in various rock and “horn” bands until he decided that he’d try singing lead after a “roadie” friend of the band America he was in at the time encouraged him to try it. For the last few decades, he has been doing high-end corporate events with a successful band named "Scandal." John works for QSC Audio, a leading pro-audio sound system provider and has done live sound engineering for several rock bands at The Roxy, The Whiskey and Gazzari’s. John has also been a live DJ for the last ten plus years, performing for high end weddings, corporate events and on cruise ships. John is happy to be able to rehearse and perform with his old friends and band mates from "Backbone", who he has always considered to be a group of outstanding musicians.

John - Lead vocals


Band History

The "SubsoniX" band is actually the re-birth of the popular Orange County rock group and club band, "Backbone". The original group formed in Anaheim, California and played at many of the popular clubs and venues in LA and Orange Counties.  After playing together for several years the band separated, with each member going off to pursue their own musical interests. Over the years, various band members re-united occasionally to form other bands, to jam together, or to simply maintain friendships. 


Backbone peforming Backbone in concert

Backbone photo

Through a chance reunion in 2008, Scott, Ron, Mark, Bruce, and John got together in Mark's Yorba Linda studio for a jam session and the chemistry of  "Backbone" was ignited once again. The band decided to re-form as the "SubsoniX" and they have been playing regularly in Southern California, ever since. 



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