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Performing at Big's Grill, Fullerton with singer John Stollp -  Spring, 2010

Performing at Big's Grill, Fullerton

Orange County cover band

80s music in Orange County, CA

Bar view

Drummer Mark Bustamante

Keyboardist Scott Plunkett

Singer John Stolpp

Bassist Ron Denhaan

Guitarist Bruce Boulanger

Mark behind the drum kit



Performing outdoors at Cliff's Restaurant, Laguna Beach with singer/guitarist Craig Riech - Summer & Fall, 2011

Craig Riech Craig singing Craig and Bruce Craig and Bruce Craig and Mark

Singer/guitarist Craig Riech

Craig2.jpg (263249 bytes)

Craig and Bruce.jpg (299582 bytes)

Craig and Bruce2.jpg (311072 bytes)

Craig and Mark.jpg (239376 bytes)

Performing after dark

View of band

62' reissue jazz bass

Bruce and Craig Bruce w/ Les Paul guitar

Premier cover band in Orange County, CA

Orange County classic rock cover band SunsoniX

Fender '62 re-issue jazz bass

bruce and craig night shot.jpg (243236 bytes)

bruce les paul.jpg (305496 bytes)

Another night shot

Bruce & guest drummer Jorgen Ingmar


Enjoying the music by the fire pits

Bruce, Craig, and Ron

night shot 3.jpg (353893 bytes)

Bruce and Jorgen.jpg (300083 bytes)

craig highlighted.jpg (280992 bytes)

Playing at the Cliff restaurant, Laguna Beach

Bruce Craig and Ron.jpg (319355 bytes)


B & W misc photos - Ladera Ranch Sports Grill 2009 and rehearsal shots

Bruce Boulanger - Ladera Ranch Ron Denhaan - Ladera Ranch Mark Bustamante - Rehearsal Scott Plunkett - Rehearsal Bruce and Scott rehearsing

Bruce Boulanger with Fender custom shopTele

Ron Denhaan performing in Ladea Ranch

DSC_0043.jpg (227696 bytes)

Image4.jpg (282138 bytes)

CSC_0055B.jpg (209533 bytes)

Bruce playing in Ladera Ranch John at Ladera gig Scott - Ladera gig Mark - Ladera gig Ron - Rehearsal

brucebwladera.jpg (174370 bytes)

john.jpg (209689 bytes)

scottladera.jpg (250376 bytes)

mark ladera.jpg (160643 bytes)

ronrehearsal.jpg (113264 bytes)


More miscellaneous photos


Bruce and Mark at rehearsal studio

Mark playing out

Mar,k Ron, Scott at gig Scott having fun at south OC gig Craig Riech playing at Jimmies bar, Fullerton

rehearsal 2.jpg (140220 bytes)

mark playing out.jpg (142870 bytes)

Mark, Ron, and Scott performing Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's Hoedown

Scott Plunkett at the Ladera Ranch Sports Bar

Craig Riech at Jimmies Nascar bar in Fullerton















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